Our BEDS ARE COMPLETELY MACHINE WASHABLE! The WHOLE BED! That way the WHOLE BED GETS CLEAN! The way we see it: beds with removable covers cause you to put a clean cover back on a stinky core (Yuck!). Our beds are DURABLE FURNITURE QUALITY MATERIAL with a shredded foam filling: they get clean AND puff back up nicely after a wash and dry! We have many customers that have used our beds for years and they have been washed repeatedly!

  • Small & Medium beds are machine washable in cold water on gentle cycle, low heat dry. No high heat.
  • Large, XL & Jumbo beds are machine washable in large front loading or top loading machines without a center agitator. Gentle or bedding cycle, cold water. Low heat dry.
  • If in doubt it is perfectly fine to hang by handle, spray with liquid laundry detergent & water mix, rinse gently downward with hose ,roll to ring out, hang dry or low heat dry.

Consult your individual washer’s instructions for load limits. If you are still in doubt…take it to the commercial washers at your local Laundromat or manually wash as described above.

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