I sent many pictures of Frank on Bizzy Beds during his life. But when I say they we a large part of his life this picture describes what I mean. This was Frank’s last trip to the mountain. He had cancer and a knee injury. He had trouble walking but still wanted to go out on the back deck of the cabin. We put his Bizzy out on the deck so he could watch the animal life in the trees and see the sunset. The bed allowed him be comfortable with all his physical problems and enjoy the view. I found my wife sleeping on the bed with him several times. She just wanted to be next to him because he was sick.


They are both retired racing greyhounds. Winnie (racing name Surfside Robby) is actually Zella’s puppy who came to the same adoption group 2 years after we adopted Zella (racing name Polish Dancer). They both take retirement very seriously.