My Dog Chews

We have had great success with Bizzy Beds along with three simple steps: T-shirt, Toy & Non-Confined Area

First please read our “company” page, specifically the “Natural Den Design” paragraph for some helpful background info.

Non-confined area

Our beds bring out a host of “Den or Burrow Instincts” BUT a dog has one key factor that affects those instincts: A DOG WILL NOT SELECT A SUITABLE BURROW UNLESS THEY HAVE FREE ROAM IN A COMMON PACK AREA (such as a living room or den where the Family hangs out TOGETHER). What that means is if you put the bed in their crate or cage or the place you lock them up WITHOUT getting them accustomed to it in a common area FIRST….they could just shred it because of separation anxiety! Place the bed FIRST in a non-confined area supervised where everybody is relaxing.


Smells are REALLY important to a dog. It is important when introducing the bed to immediately place the dogs favorite TOY (something they have marked by chewing) AND something that smells like the person the dog is most attached to (a worn T-Shirt is ideal) ON THE BED!  This is their smell and the pack smell. It helps peak the dogs natural instinct to guard an area for the pack.

Extreme Cases of Chewing (this is the best solution we have found…just trying help, not our product)

For extreme cases of chewing (chewing ANYTHING they are not supposed to) we highly recommend a product named “Fooey”. We have found that the key reason it works is because it DOES NOT contain sugar or alcohol like many other products. It uses the extract of a grapefruit rind to achieve an unbelievably bitter taste BUT it doesn’t turn to sugar in the blood stream. We have found the effective use of this product is as a training aid: spray it on what you don’t want chewn, touch your finger to the spray & touch the dogs nose as a corrective action say “NO Chewing” (dogs taste with their NOSE), then give the dog something they are supposed to chew and praise them. Repeat as necessary…it works for us! Be SURE and wash your hands REALLY WELL AFTER USING, this stuff tastes AWFUL.

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