All dealer packs are Assorted Variety Neutrals, Colors and Patterns (a retail mix geared toward the center of the market). We keep our prices LOW and OUR FABRIC QUALITY HIGH by using heavy weight durable fabric from the furniture industry. Our fabric changes over time as the furniture styles change. ALL OUR MATERIALS ARE 100% Made in USA! With that said the industry keeps some staple neutral colors in fashion in perpetuity: Brown in at least 3 tints/shades (light, medium, dark), Black/Grays in at least 3 shades, Tans, Beige, Creams always seem to be available. We mix in various shades/tints of reds, blues, greens to add color. We also get all kinds of other patterns and colors that we use as accent pieces to add a splash of color or pattern to the mix BUT we try to keep the predominant tones in the mix as neutral as possible.

If you require exact fabric colors we can happily oblige at an additional cost associated with custom work and custom fabrics. Our business model and passion is to provide quality and durability that regular folks can afford BUT we are master dog bed craftsmen and we can make a special line of beds for the right customer if the time & money make sense.

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