Our Philosophy is simple: We LOVE DOGS! We want to give them what THEY WANT!

We believe God gave dogs as a gift to us to be a constant reminder of true loyalty and unconditional love. One of our BiZZY Dogs, Max, gets overjoyed if we simply walk back into the room after being gone just a few minutes. Such joy and love should be well rewarded. Every Dog deserves a safe and comfortable spot to call their own. That is the why we make BiZZY Dog Beds!

Our “Natural Dog Den Design” came from catering to a dog’s natural instincts and putting what a human wants in a bed second! Through trial, error and observation we figured out that what a dog wants in a bed…isn’t what most humans THINK a dog wants (or what most manufacturers provide). At first we sewed up a bunch of big fat pillows fully stuffed…the dogs tore them up. Then we did different shapes with padding…the dogs tore them up. Then the creative design person in our family was watching the dogs dig holes in the back yard. They noticed that ALL the dogs did the same exact steps when digging THEIR DEN. They dug all the loose dirt in the center away until they hit hard packed. Then they circled around to pack the dirt around the center. Then they DIDN’T lie down in the center, they lay against the side or perched over the side (guarding THEIR DEN). It was as plain as day…dogs don’t want pillows…they WANT A DEN! If you make the middle all cushy…they will dig until they tear up the bed. It’s because they have a natural instinct to have a firm base that won’t cave in. They also feel safe and protected if they have their own den to retreat to. Our “Natural Dog Den Design” came from catering to a dog’s natural instincts and making what a human wants in a bed secondary! That is why BiZZY Dog beds are irresistible to most dogs!

We also did some research on what was in the marketplace and we found two extremes:

The “el cheapo” beds made overseas from very light & inexpensive fabric, poorly sewn, and filled with polyfill were everywhere. Prices ran $30-$50 and they didn’t last long and the first time you wash them the polyfill knots up. All in all we felt they were a waste of money.

The super expensive “boutique” & “mattress” beds that are really well made and very pretty BUT we thought most regular folks wouldn’t pay for them. Prices started at $80-$120 for just a small bed and went up quickly from there.

BiZZY Dog makes beds dogs LOVE, to suit every size dog, with high quality fabric and stuffing, from pretty material, at a price regular folks can afford, IN AMERICA!