We are a small family business made up of dedicated, hardworking and very industrious team members.

Our Philosophy is simple: We LOVE PETS! We want to give them a safe and comfortable spot that they can call their own!

Our Mission is to make pet beds that PETS ABSOLUTELY LOVE, IN THE USA, at an affordable price, to fit every size pet, out of high quality attractive materials that are extremely durable and hold up wash after wash. We want to partner with retailers that place an extremely high emphasis on the value of Family and proudly go out of their way to seek out Quality Made IN USA products.

Have you ever seen a dog or cat get on a perfectly good pillow and dig and spin?

Our “Natural Den Design” came from catering to a dog and cats natural burrowing instincts! Through trial, error and observation we figured out that what a pet wants in a bed…isn’t what most humans THINK a pet wants (or what most manufacturers provide). At first we sewed up a bunch of big pillows fully stuffed…the pets tore them up by digging in the center. Then we did different shapes with padding and polyfill…the dogs tore them up by chewing a hole and gutting the polyfill. We figured out that polyfill is in most dog toys and the dogs smell it in beds and believe a bed is just a big toy! We DON’T use polyfill for that reason and the fact when washed polyfill ties itself in knots, gets lumpy and smells. Then we started watching the dogs dig holes in the back yard. We noticed that ALL the dogs did the same exact steps when digging THEIR “DEN” or burrow. They dug all the loose dirt in the center away until they hit hard packed. Then they circled around to pack the dirt around the center. Then they DIDN’T lie down directly in the center, they lay their belly in contact with the firm part and their bones on loose dirt and their head perched over the side (guarding THEIR DEN). It was as plain as day…dogs don’t want pillows…they WANT A DEN or BURROW…and Cats do too! If you make the middle all cushy…they will dig and spin. It’s because any creature that has a natural instinct to dig a hole is smart enough to check for a firm base that won’t cave in! They also feel safe and protected if they have their own den to retreat to. Our “Natural Den Design” came from catering to a pets natural instincts! These facts along with other scientific principles are why BiZZY beds are so irresistible to most pets! From all these observations, a strong faith in God and family work ethic we started Bizzy Dog Beds. The company started with $500 and a tent on the corner of a rural road. Currently we now have over 300 retailers in 30 states.

BiZZY Dog makes beds pets LOVE, to suit every size, with high quality fabric and stuffing, from pretty material, at a price regular folks can afford, IN AMERICA!

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