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We welcome inquiries from companies that want to retail BiZZY Dog Beds..

Our beds have a unique position in the marketplace: a unique look, multiple display options because of the convenient handle, a design that caters to a pets natural instincts, a strong family focus and work ethic, and a solid commitment to make a high quality product at an affordable price IN THE USA . All these facts give business owners and their consultative sales people a compelling story to tell along with a product that offers great margins at very competitive price points. Our product helps you to differentiate your business from your competitors. Each new dealer package includes retail point of purchase signs, POP retail tags with wash and care, sales training and demo info. We also regularly update and provide seasonal marketing ideas as well as tips for using our beds to help you identify needs and sell other products. We look for ways to help you convert sales in unexpected ways. We also do our own marketing and regularly send new customers into our dealers’ stores ready to buy both our beds AND other needs that we uncover. We partner with our dealers long-term for our mutual success. Please contact us today about becoming a successful Bizzy Dog Beds retailer.  Contact Us

Here are organizations that have done well retailing BiZZY Dog Beds.

  • Pet Supply Retailers
  • Groomers
  • Farm & Feed Stores
  • Boarding & Daycare
  • Pet Rescues

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We know that seeing is believing. There is no picture we can take that gets across the real value, design, quality and texture of our beds. We go all over the country to events and at every event we meet people that decide to become a BiZZY Dog Beds Dealer. If you’d like us to check who is in your area that carries our beds please  contact us.

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